Specialist services of Arvomeklarit include comprehensive insurance services for business clients.

In cooperation with the client, Arvomeklarit Oy designs and creates insurance solutions which combine security, optimal insurance portfolio and efficient planning.

We focus on establishing a reliable and long-term relationship with our clients. We have built a team of rock-solid professionals at Arvomeklarit, and their seamless teamwork benefits our clients. We work cost-efficiently and comprehensively by adapting our services to meet the needs of the client.

  • We are a 100% Finnish insurance brokerage company
  • Over 100 selected clients
  • Arvomeklarit is an authorised insurance brokerage company
  • We’re a member of the Chamber of Commerce
  • Our company has not been subject to a liability claim
Insurance Tendering

Do you know how your premiums are actually founded? We tender out solutions for you with more than 50 years experience and professionalism. We know the legislation in the field and we manage all statutory and voluntary insurance policies.

Benefits of the Service for Our Clients

  • Clients can focus on their core business and the insurance broker will enhance the client’s business
  • Purchasing power of Arvomeklarit
  • Totally impartial – we always work in the interest of the client; according to the law, we are not allowed to charge insurance companies
  • This results in the most affordable insurances on the market without sacrificing terms

Service Phases

  • 1) Making the client’s risk assessment
  • 2) Determining the content of the insurance solution to be attained
  • 3) Preparing the material for tendering
  • 4) Tendering procedure
  • 5) Implementation of insurances
  • 6) Monitoring and supervision.

Additionally, we are able to provide our clients with safety in a case of :

  • Kidnapping
  • Blackmailing
  • Terrorism
  • Credit risk
  • Political risk
Insurance Management

Do you feel that your own know-how or time is not sufficient to handle practical insurance matters? No worries. We can handle all your insurance matters.

Content of the Service from the Client`s Point of View

  • We monitor the pricing and condition changes in the insurance sector
  • We check insurance post before submitting it to you
  • We take care of the necessary insurance changes and reforms
  • We advise you in insurance matters
  • We make annual inspections of insurance policies
  • In the event of damages, we will monitor your interests and check the correctness of the compensation decisions
  • We advise on issues related to damage prevention
  • We assist you in the event of damages.


The primary purpose of service is to save the client`s time and cost.
Legal Services

Our Legal Department has a long-term experience in insurance law, insurance matters and business claim jurisdiction.

Content of the Service from the Client`s Point of View

  • Our qualified lawyers will help in the formulation of notifications of damages
  • If necessary, we will take care of appeals
  • We act as your agent in legal proceedings
  • Additionally, our lawyers assist our clients in management of contractual risks
Risk Management Services

Do you know the risks involved in your business that you can insure against?

Content of the Service from the Client`s Point of View

  • We will clarify your key assets and interruption risks.
  • We will assess your liability and contractual risk.
  • Additionally, we provide our clients with occupational safety training and auditing.

What do our clients think about Arvomeklarit

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COB, Partner
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Senior Consultant

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Kristiina Seppälä

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Jim Murray ( off duty until 31.12.2020 )

Security and Risk Manager

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